A Growing Team

Thank you for getting us started!

  1. Naveli Garg
  2. Nitya Garg
  3. Achintaya Pandey
  4. Pooja Tallapaneni
  5. Prasanthi Tallapaneni
  6. Namita Pandey
  7. Manisha Gupta - Facebook Admin

Early Adopters

  1. Gunjan Garg - Operations head and our internal Legal Eagle
  2. Naveli Garg -  Flyer Design
  3. Gavin Healy -  Website Designer
  4. Rory Cawley -  LinkedIn Admin: Rory is an Irishman from Sligo who has passions for computer software, baking bread, food containing chillies, paintings from Bacon and Miro, racing and bmx bicycles, music from Smiths and Pixies and Irish stuff like Dolmens, the book of kells, Guinness and the pogues. He feels a huge connection to people from every corner of the world and wants to do what he can to make at least small improvements to the lives of those who need it most.
  5. Tushar Shah - Scaling Operations. Tushar's collection center continues to big at the top. 50 boxes and counting!
  6. Shadi Bucklin: Twitter Admin: Shadi Bucklin is a mother and advocate of human rights, dedicated to causes that improve human conditions around the world

Our troopers who have started their own clubs !

  1. The Pioneers - started by 4 San Ramon kids.
  2. Dougherty Valley Charity Dress - started by Teja and Jetha coming soon
  3. Santa Clara Club - coming soon
  4. Fremont Club - Started by Sirisha Kota...coming soon

and then some who have set up Collection Centers 

See details for all collection centers here

Thank you also for sharing your warmth! 

  1. LinkedIn Team
  2. Shaloo Anand - Oracle
  3. Vandana Bassi
  4. Sonal Sanghvi
  5. Rani Mastey
  6. Margie Ryan
  7. Dylan Snodgrass
  8. Rupam Khanna
  9. Sonali Deshpande
  10. Nawneet Ranjan

Contribute your usable clothes

Contribute your usable warm clothes at one of the collection centers listed here. We collect, wash, pack usable warm clothes to dress the homeless and needy in under developed countries. With over 100,000 homeless people in Delhi, India alone exposed to intense cold weather; the cold doesn't kill people, lack of clothing does.