Naveli Naveli Garg I want to help poor people in India. I am 11 years old. 2 years back I started a group called The Jhappi Club. This club's goal was for people to realize that a hug can solve many things. My sister, on the other hand, wanted to help the poor in India. As there are so many poor people living in India, begging on the streets, she wanted to help them. We have joined our ideas together and are starting a group to get and donate clothes to the poor people. We are collecting clothes so poor children and parents are warm during winters. I have seen some of the poor people in India. It is a miserable state, sometimes with no clothes. They are freezing cold, and haven't bathed for a long time. They are on the streets, begging for any spare money to buy food. You can see their ribs, as they are so thin. We are donating to two ashrams in India. These ashrams are nursing 200+ kids each. Everyone knows that the basic life necessities include food, shelter, clothes and education. The kids have education, whatever way it is taught in. I even taught some 8th graders there myself! All of the children had a roof to live under, whether it was a hostel or a small room. When I went there last summer, I stayed at one ashram over night. When we stayed there, they gave us food to eat. That only left clothes which they seemed to have little of. We gave the clothes that we had at that time with us and they were very grateful.

NityaNitya Garg My name is Nitya and I am 7 years old. I want to help the needy kids because I think it's nice to be helpful. You should respect what you get because some people don't get the privileges other people do get. Some people don't even have families, clothes or books. It's hard to believe but it's true. I want to help the poor in as many ways as I can, so that everybody can live safe and happy throughout their lives. Many poor people die every day because they don't have families, clothes, food and water. Poor people suffer everyday just because they don't have the privileges we do. That is why I think it is important to help the poor. This year I'm going to help the kids in India by giving them at least one hundred not torn warm cloths. But the thing is in the process of helping the poor you better not get poor yourself so I want to study well and get good grades.

Achu HeadSHotAchintya Pandey Hello, my name is Achintya Pandey and I am a 12 year old. I am a 7th grader. I love playing volleyball and games on the PS3. I also love watching basketball, football, and cricket (an Indian type of baseball). I am also very passionate about helping the needy. There are many reasons for why I want to help the needy in India. I feel that everyone should have the simple necessities to live and all the luxuries we have, and we should be the ones to help them. I think that giving at least 100 poor kids or adults in India warm, wearable clothes is very nice and helpful. I also want to help the needy because it makes me feel like I am involved with the community. It also makes me feel like I have the power to make a change. I want to be a big part of this world. I am doing this for the needy. I want to make a change. That is why I have joined this club. I really want to help the needy.

Manisha Gupta (Mentor) My simple dream is to raise not just smart savvy professionals, but also emotionally stable, compassionate human beings with high integrity. I mentor neighborhood kids to run programs to help the underpriviledged. These programs transform the thought process of our young kids early on by providing them avenues to sharpen their team skills and creativity in a way that fosters collaboration over competition; EQ along with IQ.

For the last 4 years we have done Maths camps, made and sold flags, jwellerey, danced, conducted fundraisers etc. In the summer of 2012 we stayed with 200+ kids of Leprosy patients in an Ashram in India. While I taught them, my daughters shared stories, sang songs and played with them. My daughters gave the clothes and books they were carrying to these kids. The Ashram kids in return gave my kids the confidence that they can make a difference. That kids can help kids...And that it feels really good to extend a helping hand to the one in need.

While exploring possibilities with some friends a bunch of us conceived the idea of CharityDress. Although our wish list is long, we decided to kick start with a clothes fundraiser because its simpler for kids as well as parents to get involved. We have raised money to send clothes for 200 kids already and our next dream is to send 18000 KGs of warm clothes for street kids in India where winters are deadlier than Tsunami. Join us

Contribute your usable clothes

Contribute your usable warm clothes at one of the collection centers listed here. We collect, wash, pack usable warm clothes to dress the homeless and needy in under developed countries. With over 100,000 homeless people in Delhi, India alone exposed to intense cold weather; the cold doesn't kill people, lack of clothing does.