About Us

Charity Dress is a social enterprise enabling kids to hep kids. This platform enables parents and kids to actively run programs that enable kids to connect with each other and help the underprivileged. The programs are purposefully designed to be simple so they can be driven by kids under light mentorship from parents. These programs transform the thought process of our young kids by providing them avenues to sharpen their team skills and creativity in a way that fosters collaboration over competition; EQ along with IQ. 

501(c)3. ID #46-2914227

This year our goal is to two fold: 

  1. CharityDress 10K - Provide clothes to 10,000 underprivileged people. We are focusing primarily on India where winters are deadlier than Tsunami and many die owing to lack of clothing. We are also keen to help other countries where we can find a way to transport and distribute clothes easily. 
  2. Kids Connect - A buddy system for kids with diverse perspectives to connect across the globe. Kids in slums and kids in affluent society share their lifestyle and day today experience with each other. While this helps some stay grounded, it provides others hope for a better future.


Parent Story

We sometimes ask ourselves "Dream big. If you had unlimited resources, what would you do to change the world?"

While there can be many answers to this question, for parents often the big Dreams are related to their kids. For us the Big dream is to raise compassionate  confident Team Players. If we had unlimited resosurces we would reverse the clock to the times of our great grandparents where integrity and compassion were ranked higher than bank balance in judging a character. 

While the time machine is being invented, we decided to build this platform that enables the future generations and empowers them(kids the future generation)  to resurrect human values and bridge the economic gap. Instead of feeding fish to our kids, we decided to build this platform that teaches them to fish themselves. While exploring possibilities where kids could help the underprivileged .a bunch of us conceived the idea of CharityDress. Friends have joined hands and our dream has expanded to send 18,000 Kgs of warm clothes for street kids in India where winters are deadlier than Tsunami.

We have rallied support in India to help distribute the clothes. Some of us plan to go ourselves as well to distribute the clothes properly.

Kid Story:

Work with friends for a common GOOD cause. There is so much you learn just by helping each other!

Parents and kids build a better future together:

  • Kids: collect and/or wash/fold clothes. Market
  • Parents : on the other mentor the team. Advertise in their friend circle, work place and neighborhood. They coordinate with CharityDress team for shipment to India.


We sincerely hope that CharityDress is just a beginning and we hope to launch many more projects enabling kids to help the under privileged all over the globe. Please share your clothes, thoughts and suggestions with us. Contact us

Contribute your usable clothes

Contribute your usable warm clothes at one of the collection centers listed here. We collect, wash, pack usable warm clothes to dress the homeless and needy in under developed countries. With over 100,000 homeless people in Delhi, India alone exposed to intense cold weather; the cold doesn't kill people, lack of clothing does.