• Share your warmth

    CharityDress is a platform that enables parents, kids, grandparents, friends...everyone to help the underprivileged. Do good and feel good by contributing your usable warm clothes, or use this platform to teach kids the art of giving early on. Compassionate confident team players grow up to be successful professionals. Read More
  • WINTER Tsunami

    Winters are worse than Tsunamis in India with 170 million slum dwellers (63% of South Asia and 17% of world). Decrease the homeless deaths, caused by lack of proper clothing every winter, by contributing much needed clothing specially jackets, pants, scarves, gloves, caps, socks and blankets... Read More
  • Sunday afternoons

    Sunday afternoons spent with your friends planning, collecting, washing and packing clothes can be a lot fun for you and can save many from dying this winter. A small change in your Sunday afternoon plans can have a really big impact. Parents and/or kids contact us and let's get you started before next sunday. Read More
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Charity Dress

Do Good Feel Good

Join the growing team of volunteers. Inspire your parents, kids, grand-parents, neighbors, friends, colleagues, teachers to do good and feel good. Contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contribute your usable clothes

Contribute your usable warm clothes at one of the collection centers listed here. We collect, wash, pack usable warm clothes to dress the homeless and needy in under developed countries. With over 100,000 homeless people in Delhi, India alone exposed to intense cold weather; the cold doesn't kill people, lack of clothing does.

Setup a collection center

Many warm souls have setup collection centers to fast track the collection drive. Fast track the collection drive by setting up a center in your neighborhood. Contact Us to add your center's address to this site and help you get started.

Start a club

Start a collection club in your neighborhood. Read about the the first Charity Dress Club "The Pioneers" started by 4 San Ramon kids. It's very easy to start and very rewarding to help.